Central West Sardinia

The Central Region – West

A region with coastlines of beautiful deserted sand dunes stretching for miles, an industrial heritage based on mineral ore mines and ancient monuments.

Costa Verde Sardinia

The Costa Verde (Green coast) starts north of Buggerru to Montevecchio Marina and has a number of particularly outstanding beaches including Piscinas south of Marina di Arbus with acres of dunes up to 150 ft high. Just a few miles further south is Scivu which has a beautiful backcloth of eroded cliffs and boulders sculptured by nature. Access is not easy for some of the more isolated beaches with rough dirt tracks to negotiate but resorts such as Torre dei Corsari are easier to reach.

West of Oristano is the Sinis Peninsua with beautiful beaches such as Is Arutas, marshes with pink flamingos and the ruins of Tharros, a Poenician port. Oristano is a good location from which to explore an interior landscape of juniper woods, rare plants, birdlife, traditional villages and Nuraghi (ancient defensive structures) prehistoric sites. South of Oristano, close to Fluminimaggiore, is a Carthaginian temple ‘Tempio di Antas, which dates from 500BC and also the Grotte Su Mannau a stalactite cave with lakes.

South east of Oristano is Su Nuraxi which is one of the best examples of a Nuraghi fortress village and guided tours are available from Oristano or Cagliari.

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