Central East Sardinia

The Central Region – East

This region encompasses high rugged mountains ranges, lakes, spectacular gorges, ancient Nuraghi stone towers, remote villages still rich in cultural traditions and the beautiful coastline around Cala Gonone. Overlooking this area is the Gennargentu (The Silver Gate) mountain range.

Nuraghi Sardinia

The provincial capital Nuoro has a museum of Sard Life and Traditions and is an ideal location from which to explore this area, also known as the Barbagia. Nuoro offers access to remote nountain villages such as Mamoiada and Ottana and the town of Orgosolo, with a history of banditry and famous for over 150 wall murals depicting political and cultural themes. View more examples of these wonderful murals. Urzulei is the location of the spectacular Gorropu Gorge, about 15 km south of Dorgali, where it is possible to walk into the gorge entrance for about a kilometre before it becomes impossible to proceed except for serious trekkers and climbers with guides. Lanaittu Valley has important nuraghic complexes near Oliena and Tiscali plus lakes, chestnut forests , eagles and kites. For the more adventurous the Gennargentu mountain range provides a true glimpse of the real interior and traditional lifestyles, as yet unspoilt by commercialisation.

Mountain range in Sardinia

Cala Gonone, a seaside resort, is an alernative location to Nuoro for exploring this region particularly the coastline which includes the Grotto del Bue Marino (Cave of the Sea Monk). A boat ride will take you along the coast to a cove from where a guide will take you to vast caves with stalactites, stalagmites and lakes. Other boat trips will take visitors to the isolated beaches of Cala di Lina, featured in Madonna’s movie ‘Swept Away’, and Cala Sisine.

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